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Kumihimo history

Kumihimo in Japan has been deeply involved in various fields such as religion, rituals, performing arts, clothing, and furnishings, creating new uses in keeping with the times, and developing techniques and designs accordingly.
Full-fledged development of Kumihimo began in the Asuka and Nara periods, when continental culture was introduced.

Asuka/Nara period

The Vitality of Beginnings Transmitted to Tenpyo Land

Kumihimo, which was introduced from the continent, is thought to have taken root in Japan during the Nara period. Braids such as Nara-gumi, Sasanami-gumi, Kara-gumi, and Yasuda-gumi are preserved in Nara's Shosoin and Horyu-ji temples. Kumihimo of this period is characterized by its boldness and generous colors.