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Ebiko 10 bags included <incense>

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The history of incense in Japan is said to begin with the introduction of Buddhism.
During the dynasty, incense bags were made and used to permeate clothing, sutra scrolls, and other documents with fragrance in daily life.
裛衣 means a covert garment.
裛衣香 is a material for putting incense on clothes.

When you air out your kimono, why not change the fragrance as well?
It is also pleasing to present a refreshing scent.

The plants used for the incense are clove, sweet pine, agarwood, and sandalwood. We have our own formulation in our own workshop.
There is no insect repellent effect.
Size One bag 5.5cm×8cm

*Shipping of 2 bags will be 2 boxes or more.