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Nishiki incense bag ``Swedish flower rabbit'' distributed in November

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Among the treasures of Shosoin, there was a small fukumame-shaped incense bag, which was hung from the waist and decorated with fish-shaped and beads.
There is a sage incense inside and you can refill it by loosening the thin string.
We also sell replacement incense separately.
It will be shipped in a dedicated paulownia box wrapped in Domyo's wrapping paper.

"Swedish flower rabbit"
Nishiki incense bag Dimensions: 3.5cm in height, 5cm in width
Paulownia box dimensions: length 8 cm, width 7.8 cm, height: 4.3 cm

Material: 100% silk
made in Japan

[Regarding size and number of orders]
・Please contact us if you would like a longer length. The product price varies depending on the length.
・If you would like more than one of the same color, please contact us separately. Production may take some time depending on stock availability.

[Precautions for use and handling]
・Due to the nature of the dyeing process, the color may fade or transfer due to wetness, sweat, or friction. please note.