『KUMIHIMO:The Art of Japanese Silk Braiding by DOMYO』展

This time, following Los Angeles, at Japan House São Paulo, "KUMIHIMO:The Art of Japanese Silk Braiding by DOMYO』An exhibition is being held.

→Japan House São Paulo   

The historical development of Japanese Kumihimo traced through archives of restored works of cultural properties, the structural features derived from mathematics and engineering research, and the collaboration of Kumihimo with talents active in various fields such as contemporary fashion, art, and architecture. It will be a comprehensive exhibition that integrates and conveys the charm of old and new Kumihimo.   

Exhibition Title: "KUMIHIMO: The Art of Japanese Silk Braiding by DOMYO" Exhibition 

Reminder date: May 24, 2022 ~ August 28, 2022 

Venue: Japan House Sao Paulo 2F 

Organizer: Japan House São Paulo