• Domyo's color name Light cherry blossom / Honmurasaki

    Image from right

    Crown set Honmurasaki

    Koryo group Benzi

    Crown group Ususakura

    Korai-gumi Ususakura

    If you would like to use the Koma-gumi or Sasanami-gumi plain colors in the image above, please contact the Domyo store.

  • Korai Gumi Contemporary Series

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  • For Kumihimo ties, belts and accessories, please see "DOMYO".

  • Experience Kumihimo. In Kagurazaka, you can experience Kumihimo for a short time of the day.

    Kumihimo <Experience> 
  • Thoroughly learn the braided cords of traditional crafts. This is an introduction to Domyo's Kumihimo class.

    Kumihimo <Classroom>