First, we start with the yotsugumi, which is said to be the easiest and most difficult braiding method, which is the basis of all braiding methods.Kakudai Course (Yotsugumi, Kakuyatsugumi, Maruyatsugumi, etc.), Marudai Course (Nara-gumi, Marugenji-gumi, Mitake-gumi, Sazanami-gumi, Kara-kumi, etc.), Takadai Course (Anda-gumi, Korai-gumi, Jinaiki-gumi, Kikko-gumi, etc.), then proceed to the Graduate School to learn more complex methods of assembling and the restoration of masterpieces. Many of the braiding methods are the same as Domyo's obijime products. We use tall size "dai" and it enables us to braid with sitting on a chair.