Features of Domyo Kumihimo Class

Features of Domyo Kumihimo Class

1. We will make works that make use of the braiding methods of historical masterpieces of braids owned by Horyuji, Shosoin, Jingoji, Itsukushima Shrine, Chusonji, etc. 
2. Refine your sense of color with the beauty of dyed colors and vivid color schemes.
3. Enjoy the delicate feel of silk to your heart's content.
4. We mainly make sash belts, but also make necklaces, pendants, ties, and other items that are suitable for modern life.  


Kakudai course (four groups, square eight groups, round eight groups, etc.),
Marudai Course (Nara-gumi, Marugenji-gumi, Mitake-gumi, Kara-gumi, etc.),
Hill course (Yasuda-gumi, Korai-gumi, Jinaiki-gumi, Turtle-gumi, etc.)
throughproceed to graduate school,
You will also learn more complicated braiding methods and restoration of masterpieces.
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In order to deepen the understanding of the historical and cultural background of Kumihimo,
We have 6 lecture weeks per year.
Non-students are also welcome to attend (charges apply).
 *Currently available only on YouTube
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Domyo Kumihimo Class Work Exhibition

Every year, an exhibition where works from all the classrooms come together
It is held.
The artistry of the work, the height of the technique, the richness of the repertoire
We will not allow others to follow suit.
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from the lecturer 
Dexterity and clumsiness are only for the first day, and after that, if you keep building with all your heart, anyone will improve.
Also, it can be said that those who train at home for even an hour a day will improve their skills much faster.
Since a ball with many silk threads is moved, it is not a detailed work,It is important to assemble generously.
At first, you will slowly assemble while looking at the assembling diagram, but eventually you will be able to assemble without looking at the assembling diagram.

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Domyo Traditional Ito Kumi Hokyodokoro Kagurazaka
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