Kumihimo class




Domyo Kumihimo Class (Domyo Traditional Thread braiding class)
Hoping for the handing down and development of Japan's unique traditional craft "Kumihimo"

Established by Yusoku Kumihimo "Domei", we have accumulated 50 years of history.
 There are people who have been fascinated by Kumihimo and have continued to come here for over 40 years.
The path to Kumihimo is easy for anyone to enter,
Eventually, you will realize the depth of Kumihimo.
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Notice from the classroom

(2022.11 .15 renew)

  November Lecture YouTube Streaming

11We will deliver monthly lectures on YouTube.
Please take a look.
Theme: "Kumihimo around the world and related techniques”/“Demonstration: Yasuda group on a parallel platform”
Lecturer: Mihoko Domyo (Head of School) / Lecturers of Domyo Kumihimo Class
Delivery period: November 15 (Tuesday)) to November 30 (water
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Notice of relocation of Kagurazaka classroom
Kagurazaka Class has moved to the following address from January 2022 due to rebuilding.
Former address: 6-75 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

New address: Asano Mansion 1F, 3-6 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
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  Domyo Kumihimo Class Official Instagram

On the official Instagram of Domyo Kumihimo Class,
We are telling you about the daily kumihimo class.
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Domyo Official YouTube Channel
On the official YouTube channel of Domyo,
As a supplementary teaching material for the classroom, we introduce mainly a review of the basics.
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