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DOMYO's Kumihimo Marudai/Kakudai (book)

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From the Asuka and Nara periods to the present day, Japanese braids have achieved unprecedented development as a traditional craft that possesses not only practicality and decorativeness, but also a high degree of spirituality.
In 1968, the Domyo Koshiki Ito Kumi Ho Kyosho was established in hopes of inheriting and developing Japanese Kumihimo, which has such an excellent tradition. In 1968, former president Yamaoka Issei published a textbook "Traditional Kumihimo Domyomarudai/Kakudai" (Shufunotomosha). It was a good book that explained Marudai's technology with great care, but after 40 years, this book went out of print, and there was a long demand for a new publication.
This publication inherits the basic framework of the old book, and rearranges the assembling method according to the Marudai curriculum that is taught at the school so that you can understand the width, dimensions, and joints as a reference when assembling. The book also comes with full-size and enlarged photos of our signature kumihimo designs. In addition, the arrangement of threads and how to draw twill are also illustrated in an easy-to-understand manner.

Number of pages: 100 pages
Size: 23.5×18.5×1.0cm

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